Why Managing Your Own AdWords Account Can Be Fraught With Disaster

Anyone with a credit card can create an AdWords account and set up an AdWords campaign. But it’s akin to asking your dentist why you can’t extract the tooth yourself or asking the roofing company why you cannot install your own roof. Therefore, you shouldn’t be running your own AdWords campaign or account for the sake of your wallet.

It is easy to get started with an AdWords account. You might be over the moon thinking that your will be found for numerous different keywords on Google searches, people will flood to your website and money would follow. However, finding out whether you are getting the best results or not is virtually impossible for a novice. Many things can go wrong if you are keen on handling Google AdWords management yourself.

Being found for the wrong keywords, for instance, is a common mistake. You want to appear on Google searches for weight loss but due to lack of knowledge of how keywords work, you thought of weight lifting. It would show results for gyms mostly, therefore get the keywords right if you want to manage your own account.

There are things that we cannot do on our own but everyone thinks themselves competent to do internet marketing on their own strangely. They create their own website, set up their own internet marketing strategy and manage the AdWords campaign themselves too. And give up in frustration, after a few months and seek help.

You can be spending a lot of money on your Google AdWords campaign but are not sure if you are getting the right results or not, and have probably done more damage that needs be to put right. AdWords is occasionally about big wins, but it is more about slow, steady improvement. Therefore, your best bet is hiring a firm to manage your AdWords account.